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August 8, 2011


THIS vid was up last night but forsome reason not everyone could view it,so i took it down,ill try to get another up ater

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    August 8, 2011


    the more i play this game the more i question myself

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      June 26, 2011


      Campground St. Regis, the park with the WILDLIFE CARVINGS, is located approx. 2 miles West of St. Regis, MT. (Off I-90 Exit 33). Being surrounded by mountains this campground feels peacefully secluded. Once you arrive and make it past the big ole’ carved bear standing by the office door, you’ll enter a registration office and be greeted with Western hospitality by Hosts Mitch & Lisa Hollingsworth or one of their friendly staff members. You’ll be escorted to one of 75 sites — that is, if you’re ready to break away from the gift shop filled with a variety of western gifts, jewelry and carved critters waiting to be adopted. This RV Park/Campground is beautifully maintained in a wooded setting of shaded sites and green grass. Little surprises pop out as you stroll through the campground. Brightly colored flowers might live in an old dead stump; hanging baskets of florals brighten the office, laundry & game room walkway. Then more surprises can be found hanging on the side of a pole or carved into stumps or on top of them! These are the chain saw critter carvings that have been created by a local artist who realistically sculpts the animals. Each piece becomes a unique work of art. The laundry and restrooms are sparkling clean. Now for a swim? The heated pool is ready. Meanwhile, back at St. Regis: restaurants, gambling, golfing (2 courses), fishing, white water rafting…and by the way, Campground St. Regis has plenty of sites for tenters. Hwy. 135 heads North out of St

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        May 30, 2011

        CGT | Gospel Kingdom Campground 1939

        This is rare film footage of the Gospel Kingdom Campground that was founded by William Sowders in 1935 in Shepherdsville, KY. My great grandfather Reva Mears used a 16 mm camera to film the Campground in 1939. Reva’s eldest son Cornelius Mears crawled up on top of the water tower to get some of this material. Pastor Steve Farmer from Christian Gospel Temple has helped me to acquire some of the supporting photographs used in this video.

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          May 25, 2011

          Ventana Campground Big Sur California

          Camping Trip at Ventana Campground Big Sur California May 2006. Views from Old Coast Road and finding a geocache. Waterfalls, streams and trees in Ventana Campground and Old Coast Road.

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            May 20, 2011

            New Green Acres Campground, Waterboro, SC

            Green Acres Campground, Waterboro, SC

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              May 15, 2011

              BW Campgrounds Festival 2007 S:DDUB, S:COMFORT

              2006/2007 festival

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                May 11, 2011

                A Moderan Campground Rast/showerhouse

                look nicesser than what some of you men and women had back then as rast/shower houses at camp some of you just had a outhouse on the campground and had to take a shower when you got home this is what a moderan campground shower/restroom like like incuding a netone industal vent blower to draw out moist hument air from the house genrated by the shower a bradly hot air hand dryer weak blower but makes good hot air. as you can see in this video the coil heating element is glowing yellow hot. the celing fan i am not sure if it a hunter or a smc brand celing fan that thay keep running 24 hours but it in good working order as you can see

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