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August 8, 2011

I'm Thinking of Opening a Pub, Can Anyone Give Me Ideas of a Unique Theme or Innovative Ideas?

The drinks industry in Edinburgh is pretty much low-growth, lots of similar pubs/clubs all competing mainly on price. I need a unique theme or ideas to pull the punters in. Any suggestions?

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    August 7, 2011

    THE BEAST vs the PUB STAR!!!

    Enjoy… Peace!

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      August 4, 2011

      Nissan – Damned Ponies – en-US Subtitles (Pôneis Malditos)

      EN-US Subbed version of Nissan Frontier Brazilian Ad “Pôneis Malditos”. To be always updated about the the Damned Ponies and many others interesting videos, subscribe to my channe =) Or just check it out:

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        August 3, 2011

        How Do I Go About Reporting a Pub to Get Environmental Checks Done on Them?

        there’s a pub in my area which i regularly go to which re-uses plastic throw-away glasses, and doesn’t clean them thoroughly. I also have a feeling they re-use straws too. this is not only cheap, but unhygenic

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          August 1, 2011

          Even Weirder Thing Found in a Pub (Director’s Cut)

          I noticed the sound was messed up on the original upload of the weird-thing-in-a-pub video, so here’s the unedited version. (Credit to Mark Wickham) This can be found in Jurnet’s Bar in Norwich. (More info in original video, probably linked on the right somewhere…)

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            July 31, 2011

            Me and the Blokes in the Pub Reckons We'll Start Our Own School; Good Idea, Innit?

            Me an’ ‘Arry an’ Bert an’ Alfie; we worked it out on the back of an envelope. Rent the upstairs room in the pub, charge parents fifty nicker a week, and we’re on a nice little earner, ain’t we?
            Who’s gonna teach the kids? Me an’ ‘Arry and Bert an’ Alfie, of course!

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              July 29, 2011

              Venky’s…blackburn rovers.mp4

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                July 26, 2011

                What Should I Get Engraved on Trophy for Pub Quiz?

                Hi im just wondering what should i get engraved on the trophys for a pub quiz im organiging?

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