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October 6, 2011

How to Avoid Hidden Costs When Booking Cheap Flights to Europe

Big Ben

When planning a trip to Europe, naturally you want to find the best airfare possible. It’s certainly feasible to find discounted airfare to Europe on the Internet and save yourself a bunch of money.

Make Sure You’re Seeing the Final Fare Amount
Most important, you need to know there may be some hidden costs when you’re looking at discounted airfares. The fare amount that is first displayed may not be the actual price. In a lot of cases there are still taxes and fees that will be added. Travel insurance may also be added, but that is always an optional expense. It’s a good idea to continue to click through up to the point where you would enter your credit card details. This should be where you’ll see the final total.

Consider Alternate Airports
Europe is pretty compact and some countries are quite small. It may actually be cheaper to fly into an airport near your destination and complete your trip by train or bus. If the travel website you’re on supports checking multiple airports, get it to check those within about a 100-mile radius. That’s a good way to find some really cheap airfares.

Completing the trip to your destination can add extra enjoyment to your vacation. Often, with discount airfares, you’ll find yourself flying into a small town. You may discover a hidden gem this way. A cute place you may never have discovered otherwise.

Have Your Papers in Order
Should you choose an airport that is in a different country, be sure you have the appropriate documentation (visas, etc.) for both the arrival country and the destination country. Also, you need to consider all the costs – the airfare, the bus or train fare, possibly an overnight stay somewhere else before reaching your vacation destination Train and bus prices in Europe vary greatly depending on the country. It’s important to know the complete cost of transportation so you can decide if you’re getting a better deal.

Be Prepared for Those “No-Frills” Flights
Quite often, purchasing cheap airfares can mean you’ll be traveling with a “no-frills” airline. Don’t expect things like in-flight meals or movies. Make your own snacks at home and take them on the plane.

Always Read the Fine Print
Don’t forget to read all the fine print before booking your cheap airfare to Europe. In some cases certain pricing applies only to European residents. Try to book well in advance to get the best prices. Sometimes you can get amazing last-minute specials, but it’s certainly a gamble to wait. It’s entirely possible that, if you wait until the last minute to book, that you’ll have to pay a much higher price.

Whether you want to visit Big Ben in London, experience the romance of Paris, or take in the interesting history of Barcelona, you should find some great choices for discount airfare online. Just be mindful of the possibility of hidden costs so you’re certain you’re getting the best price for your trip.

More Cheap Travel Tips
For more ways to find cheap flights and travel tips be sure to visit DirtCheapTravelSecrets.com

July 5, 2011

¿Rewrite the Sentences With the Adverbs of Frequency in Brackets?

1) I have eggs for breakfast (USUALLY)
2) I´m late for school (NEVER )
3) My favourite football team wins (HARDLY EVER)
4) I go to bed before 11 o’clock (SOMETIMES)
5) The weather in my town is good (always)

2) Add capital letters and punctuation to the sentences .
1) i sit next to john in my french lessons
2) we go to the cinema in london on sundays
3) johns favourite actor is will smith
4) i prefer english actors
5) do you do your homework on friday saturday or sunday

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