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February 22, 2011

Is This a Good Diet and Exercise Plan?

Cereal or toast

Rice with chicken or fish

Rice with chicken or fish, or pasta with chicken or tuna

Banana, crisp or chocolate

No fizzy drinks or fatty foods.

For exercise:
30 mins running up and down stairs
20 push-ups before bed

If anyone has any adjustments or other advice, please say!

I’m really trying to lose fat and feel good, physically and mentally.
Also, I sometimes feel bloated after a small meal, does anyone know why?

Thank you!

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    February 18, 2011

    Unhealthy Husband- I Know There's No Quick Fix, but I'm Really Worried… Overweight & Drinks Too Much?

    Hi, I’m 30 and he’s 36, we have been married for 4 months now. It’s not that I’m trying to change him now we’re married, I have always been concerned but didn’t want to pressure him. We’ve been talking about starting a family soon and I’m concerned about his drinking and general health. He never goes a single day without drinking and drinks 1/2 to 1 700ml bottle of Rum each day. I said something about this the other day and he told me it’s better than it used to be. We have been together 4 years and I honestly didn’t notice how much he drank as he buys it himself, but always has a drink in his hand every afternoon. The only reason I’ve noticed now is he asked me to grab him 2 bottles Friday afternoon (they were on special) & they were both gone Sunday night. He is never aggressive or drunk but I worry about the health of his liver etc. He is carrying his excess weight in the stomach & chest area. I tell him he’s not overweight, he just has a big belly (which is pretty much true). He also doesn’t eat breakfast at all and it’s not unusual for him to get home at the end of a 12 hour day to have eaten next to nothing all day. Then of course he makes up for this at dinner and snacks continuously until he goes to bed. I have suggested he have cereal at work that he can eat in the morning while at his desk. I also try to make sure he has something to take for lunch but sometimes he says he was too busy to eat. He does have a difficult and stressful job which involves both office and field work and he works 7 days a week most weeks. I would like him to be motivated to exercise etc but he starts work at 5am and I can’t get up with him at 4am to go for a walk.. No way.. I do understand he is too buggered to go for a walk or do exercise in the afternoon. I just wish he could be healthier as I try pretty hard. I am fairly healthy, I’m 5ft 11" and weigh about 68kg. Hubby is 6ft 2" and weighs.. I have no idea he won’t tell me. Any suggestions how I can encourage him to drink less, exercise more and eat healthy would be appreciated. Ps, I look young for my age & he looks old for his. He has been mistaken for my father before and this was embarrassing. I know he wants to change but lacks willpower or motivation.

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      January 16, 2011

      Fussy Eater and Behaviour Link?

      Hi my son is 2 yr 2 months and he was a preemie at 33 weeks. No problems at all though ! My problem is that he just will not eat. Yesterday this was his consumption
      BREAKFAST 1/4 of a piece of Vegemite toast
      LUNCH 4 strawberries
      DINNER vegetables out of a stir fry (none of the beef or udon noodles)
      SNACKS 1 rice crackers (bite size)
      And about 400mls of full cream milk and water throughout the day.
      His weight is just above the 3rd percentile and his height is in between the 75th and 90th. I have taken him to the doc looking for a referral to a nutritionist however the doc has just said that he is long and lean and no need to worry. That’s easy to say he is not the one tearing his hair out !!! So with this he is also really hard to handle. Not just terrible 2’s but yelling, crying, throwing himself to the floor, smacking his older siblings, hitting himself in the head and appendages etc. This is constant for a good 8-9 hours a day and is extremely tiring not only to myself but i can see it tiring him as well. Then he will rise at about 7am, have an hours sleep around 12 then he gets put to bed at 8pm however he will not fall asleep till around 11 pm. So he is not happy and is tired.

      Could this behaviour be due to lack of eating ? I dont think he is eating enough or a wide enough variety … what do you think ?

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        November 12, 2010

        8 Month Old Refusing Formula?

        Lately she hasn’t wanted much formula. For instance, yesterday..all day long she only ate 9 oz and woke after 8 hours last night to eat 5 oz. So only 14 oz total in 24 hours. And I think the day before she ate less.
        Today she has eaten:
        breakfast – 2 oz milk, 4 oz whole fat yogurt
        lunch – 2 oz milk, squash, tofu, mushrooms,
        snack – 1/2 slice of cheese & 10 cheerios
        Dinner – 1 oz milk, spinach, couscous, salmon

        Soooo…she’s only eaten 5 oz of formula today!

        I KNOW she should be still mainly on formula now but i guess prefers her solids. As you can see I give her all organic, nutritious, homemade meals and snacks …i try to give her formula before each meal.

        Theres no way I can get her to drink more formula, she gets mad at me if I try to force it. She doesnt even take a bottle before a nap or bed now!

        I will call the dr on monday. Just wanted to see if anyone else had this happen and what was the outcome/what the dr said.

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