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April 9, 2011

Does This Weight Loss Plan Work? I'm Doing It and Im Hoping It Will Work?

Sometimes eating breakfast, and if you eat it – sleeping in till 11am and having breakfast then.

then having a small snack for lunch at 2pm

and dinner is normal meal which can be 2 sausages in 2 slices of bread or another meal could for dinner could be 2 small chops with 2 potatos.. or a different meal could be 1 can of spaghetti and 2 slices of toast.

also every 3rd day, you take 2 laxative tablets before bed with a cup of coffee before sleeping to help the weight loss along.. this is for cleansing. you do this twice a week to help it along.

Another trick is to tip out 1/2 the skinny milk and mix with tap water so its virtually calorie free milk.


if you get pizza – put heaps of garlic oil, ranch and get cheesey dough bread and have it with a coke fizzy drink, and trust me, your body will just pass it through, and you wont gain a single kilo LOL

another trick is to only eat 3/4 of the food on your plate and chuck the rest in the bin

drink a glass of water every hour, on the hour

compress your stomach, tighten it and bend over standing and crunch it – it helps trust me

thats all i can think of

will these measures work for weight loss

im already looking better?


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    February 24, 2011

    Double STUFFED French Toast…Breakfast in Bed #2!!!

    No need to get up today cause I’m serving you breakfast in bed with my ultimate Double STUFFED French Toast!! Lets tweet!! twitter.com And Facebook friends!! www.facebook.com For the tastiest breakfast treat, this is what you’re gonna need… (serves 2) 4 Slices of bread For the egg dip… 2 Eggs 1/2 Cup Milk 1 Tsp. Sugar For the Filling… 1/4 Cup Cream Cheese 1 Tsp. Sugar 1 Tsp. Cinnamon 1/4 Tsp. Vanilla 1/2 Cup Strawberries 1/2 Cup Bananas 1 1/2 Cup Captain Crunch Cereal Maple Syrup and the extra fruit for a tasty topping! Start by whisking your eggs, milk and sugar together in a shallow dish. Cut the strawberries and bananas into thin slices and mix the rest of the filling ingredients together in a bowl. Let the cream cheese sit out for a little so it softens, or just put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Then put the captain crunch in a ziploc bag, get all the air out and seal it up. Take a rolling pin or you can even use a regular can and roll over it, back and forth, grinding up so it looks like breadcrumbs. Then spread those captain crunch bread crumbs on a plate. Add 1 tbs. butter to a large skillet over medium high heat. As it melts, start to assemble the french toast. Take one piece of bread and spread the cream cheese mixture all over it. Then top with a layer of strawberries and bananas. Top with another piece of bread, making a sandwich. Then start your double dipping! First gently dip each side in the egg mixture until moistened. Then in the captain

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      February 22, 2011

      Is This a Good Diet and Exercise Plan?

      Cereal or toast

      Rice with chicken or fish

      Rice with chicken or fish, or pasta with chicken or tuna

      Banana, crisp or chocolate

      No fizzy drinks or fatty foods.

      For exercise:
      30 mins running up and down stairs
      20 push-ups before bed

      If anyone has any adjustments or other advice, please say!

      I’m really trying to lose fat and feel good, physically and mentally.
      Also, I sometimes feel bloated after a small meal, does anyone know why?

      Thank you!

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        January 17, 2011

        Is Having a Routine of Eating Bad for Your Weight?

        I am a little overweight, i do snack a lot when i shouldn’t, i think that is my issue.
        I attend school, and i have a routine of when i eat and what i eat. I have 2 pieces of toast for breakfast with a glass of OJ, a banana and 4 thin+plain rice crackers for recess, A ham roll, or 3 piece’s of fresh buttered bread, and 2 saladas for lunch, an apple after school and then dinner and an apple before bed. This is what i normally eat everyday. For weeks i was just eating this without any snacking and i was exercising and i still never lose weight.
        I was thinking of skipping lunch and just eating fruit to get me through but after reading how bad it is, i doubt it. I like my food, i have been raised to like my food. I don’t get full easily. My eldest sister and i are just the same like that, and my other sister is like us but she isn’t chubby because she lost heaps of weight by not eating a while ago- but now she is back to normal and doesn’t gain weight.

        I just want to shed a few kilos to be a healthy weigh but nothing seems to work.
        Does someone have any advice, that maybe i haven’t even heard of before because i generally try everything!
        Or is there a certain routine or diet i should try/follow?
        If you have food ideas, then tell me straight out what foods you think it is i need, and be specific please.

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          January 16, 2011

          Fussy Eater and Behaviour Link?

          Hi my son is 2 yr 2 months and he was a preemie at 33 weeks. No problems at all though ! My problem is that he just will not eat. Yesterday this was his consumption
          BREAKFAST 1/4 of a piece of Vegemite toast
          LUNCH 4 strawberries
          DINNER vegetables out of a stir fry (none of the beef or udon noodles)
          SNACKS 1 rice crackers (bite size)
          And about 400mls of full cream milk and water throughout the day.
          His weight is just above the 3rd percentile and his height is in between the 75th and 90th. I have taken him to the doc looking for a referral to a nutritionist however the doc has just said that he is long and lean and no need to worry. That’s easy to say he is not the one tearing his hair out !!! So with this he is also really hard to handle. Not just terrible 2’s but yelling, crying, throwing himself to the floor, smacking his older siblings, hitting himself in the head and appendages etc. This is constant for a good 8-9 hours a day and is extremely tiring not only to myself but i can see it tiring him as well. Then he will rise at about 7am, have an hours sleep around 12 then he gets put to bed at 8pm however he will not fall asleep till around 11 pm. So he is not happy and is tired.

          Could this behaviour be due to lack of eating ? I dont think he is eating enough or a wide enough variety … what do you think ?

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            August 24, 2010

            Is This a Good Daily Routine?

            I’m not really a morning person, so this is a change for me.

            Monday: wake 6am, go for jog/ sprint training, have shower, have breakfast.
            Tuesday: wake 6am, do pushups/situps, have shower, have breakfast.
            Wednesday: wake 6am, go for jog/ sprint training, have shower, have breakfast.
            Thursday :wake 6am, do pushups/situps, have shower, have breakfast.
            Friday: wake 6am, go for jog/ sprint training, have shower, have breakfast.
            Saturday: wake 6am, do pushups/situps, have shower, have breakfast.
            Sunday: sleep in, rest day.

            For breakfast I’m having scrambled eggs for protein, or toast if I’m running late. I’m only drinking water and milo. Dinner is usually healthy (mum cooks). I’m going to have a piece of fruit a day. At lunch I usually have junk food. Altogether healthy, (I’m still changing my habits, this is an improvement for me).

            I’m hoping to get into a "early morning exercise" habit, and stick with it for the rest of my life. I’ll need to change my bed-time from 11-12 down to 8-9, which will be hard also (I’ve been lacking sleep for over a year). Do you think this is a healthy and beneficial routine? I’m doing this to be healthier, and happier. And the career I’ve chosen is a firefighter which requires a strong and healthy body.

            What do you think?

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